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Treat your taste buds with the finest Filipino & Pan-Asian flavors at the Hot Palayok Restaurant

Are you in love with Asian cuisine? Perhaps it is time to experience authentic Filipino and Pan-Asian recipes in a restaurant that treasures the high-quality of fresh ingredients and the satisfaction of customers. You won't find anywhere else the Filipino cuisine respected at this degree, with proper genuinity and not a fusion. Make your taste buds amused with a wide range of recipes which are quite simple and refreshing despite of being sophisticated and intriguing. The charm of the Filipino cuisine comes with the combination of salt, sour, sweet and spice. A perfect combination of rice, vegetables, fish and various other types of meat with a wide array of specific species serves you with mouth-watering dishes.

If you are tired of your routine food habits and are ready to try out something different, then treat yourself at the finest Filipino and Pan-Asian restaurant. Hot Palayok offers the best of Pinoy's delicacies, prepared on the spot and in front of your eyes. Our service team will take you to a five star dining experience with a musically enriched ambience. The restaurant also puts at your disposal a party hall, equipped with a Karaoke system. If you dare to sing and wish to show your skills, we invite you here to have fun and enjoy a great meal.

The Hot Palayok Restaurant falls under the umbrella of Hospitality Catering LLC, established in 1994, in Abu Dhabi UAE. The company was founded by 3 hospitality professionals, who wanted to bring something unique into this business domain. With hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, the company witnessed a steady growth building its reputation among clients who knew to appreciate great food.

We started working on our first Filipino restaurant project in 2013 with a vision to make a noteworthy restaurant. Our goal was to establish a well-known brand which offer cuisines unique from that of its competitors. With the huge success Hot Palayok has now come to the state of opening many more branches. The second branch is all set to open in Dubai, shortly. Apart from this, 5 more branches will be open in other emirates of UAE by 2017.

You will find here the finest and more representative dishes from the Filipino and Pan-Asian cuisine. The live musical treat and karaoke experience will take your dining to a completely new level.


Our Team



Black pepper beef
Sauteed beef tenderloin with fresh & dry herbs and coconut milk.
Sauteed beef in oyster sauce with broccoli.
Sauteed beef in green chilies and coconut milk.
Braised beef ribs in garlic, onion, liver and red sauce with grated cheese.
Sauteed beef meat in shrimp paste and eggplant.
Marinated beef ribs sauteed in sweet & sour sauce.


Variety of luscious desserts i.e leche flan, buko pandan, brownie, fruit tart, profiteroles, fresh sliced fruits with icecream.
Mouthwatering Brownie, Ice cream on top, served in sizzling plate
Filipino mixed native sweets with crushed ice and milk, served with vanila ice cream or ube ice cream
Steamed egg yolk, milk, sugar and vanilla.
Gulaman, pandan leaves, young coconut meat, cream and milk.
Whole kernel corn, sweetened banana, crushed ice and milk.
Sliced banana, ube jam and langka wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried
Chocolate sponge, sweet whipped cream, cherries and shaving chocolates
Hazelnut biscuit meringue,butterscotch cream roasted cashewnuts
Sweet custard filling, White meringue and Icing sugar
Vanilla chiffon sponge, condensed milk and butterscotch syrup
Coconut graham base biscuit, cream cheese filling and lemon zest
Ube chiffon sponge, fresh ube cream
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and fruit salad
Filipino delicacy made of glutinous rice and shredded coconut
Corn nib lets, White custard milk jellified
Boiled glutinous rice, rolled in shredded coconut, served with sesame seed and sugar mixture
Brown sugar, lye water, flour and vanilla extract
Seasonal fresh fruits
Fruits with ice cream

Hot Starters

Fried breaded squid served with tartar sauce.
Deep fried chicken served with sweet chili sauce.
Wrapped sauteed minced vegetable served with sweet thai chili sauce.
Wrapped sauteed minced beef served with tomato ketchup.
Sauteed short beans, red pumpkin, sweet potato, shrimp and chicken served with peanut garlic sauce.
Deep fried battered shrimps coated with bread crumbs served with sweet chili sauce.
Skewed chicken thigh, baby leeks served with chicken teriyaki sauce.
Grilled beef served with teriyaki sauce.
Deep fried prawn coated with wasabi mayonnaise and mango salsa.
Chicken served with peanut sauce.
Golden fried prawn served with soy ginger tempura sauce.
Chicken wings, garlic powder, sugar, paprika, black pepper & cayenne.
Fresh salmon, crabstick, avocado, cucumber in tobiko orange.
Prawn tempura, avocado with sesame sauce.
Prawn tempura and crabstick topped with fresh salmon, tuna, avocado and mango with spicy mayo.
Fresh minced tuna with spicy mayonnaise rolled with wasabi green tobiko.
Fresh salmon, tuna, crabstick, takuan, avocado, carrot, mango & cucumber.
Smoked salmon and cream cheese rolled with sliced fresh salmon.
Sliced of fresh tuna & salmon served with wasabi, pickled ginger & soy sauce.
Fresh minced salmon with spicy mayonnaise rolled with tobiko orange.

Ilocano Special

Boiled vegetables in anchovy sauce with fried tilapia or galunggong
Grilled and boiled fish with native vegetables and seasoned with anchovy sauce
Marinated fried beef belly
Fried fish with drumstick and sweet potato
Grilled eggplant, onion, tomato and egg

Main Course/Vegetable

Mixed vegetables and shrimps sauteed in oyster sauce with beef strips and liver.
Steamed kangkong with fried garlic, served with shrimp paste.
Grilled eggplant with sauteed onion, tomato and beef.
String beans sauteed in soy sauce and vinegar with beef strips.
Steamed eggplant, ladies finger and bitter gourd served with shrimp paste.
Boiled monggo sauteed in shrimp and chicken with bitter gourd

Meal for Kids


Noodles & Pasta

Spaghetti pasta loaded with parmesan cheese, crispy beef bacon and sliced chicken breast
Fettuccini pasta with grilled chicken breast, turkey ham and mushroom simmered in Alfredo sauce
Stir Fried egg noodles with mixed vegetables
Stir fried vermicelli noodles with chicken, prawns and mixed vegetables
Sauteed pad Thai noodles with fried tofu, nuts, bean sprout with tamarind sauce
Sauteed rice noodles, chicken strips, chicken liver and vegetables.
Sauteed egg noodles, chicken liver, chicken strips and vegetables
Mixed of bihon and canton
Sauteed vermicelli noodles, chicken strips, liver and vegetables
Boiled rice noodles with shrimp sauce, boiled egg, squid, spring onion and fried garlic
Sweet Filipino style spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce with minced meat, herbs, cheese and served with garlic bread

Pinoy's Favourite : Value Meals

Beef tape, fried egg and garlic rice served with soup of the day
Daing na bangus, fried egg and garlic rice served with soup of the day
Longanisa, fried egg and garlic rice served with soup of the day
Chicken adobo, garlic rice and salted egg served with soup of the day
Fried tilapia, garlic rice and salted egg served with soup of the day
Beef sisig, garlic rice and salted egg, served with soup of the day
Beef shanghai, garlic rice and salted egg, served with soup of the day
Lechon manok, pritong tilapia, pinakbet, ensaladang talong, steamed jasmine, soup of the day and traditional Filipino sweets


Crispy chicken thigh with sweet and sour sauce.
Deep fried chicken thigh, beans, dried chill and ginger with Kung Pao sauce.
Marinated and grilled whole chicken, served with French fries, salad, and Chef's special sauce.
Fried Chicken
Steamed rolled ground chicken breast with vegetables.
Chicken simmered in soy sauce, garlic, pepper and vinegar.
Sauteed Chicken in pineapple, vegetables and milk.
Chicken simmered in curry sauce and vegetables.
Sauteed chicken liver in garlic, onion and seasoned with soy sauce and vinegar.
Marinated grilled chicken served with pickled papaya.
Grilled marinated chicken in exotic herbs.


Steamed Jasmine rice
Steamed rice sauteed in garlic and salt
Steamed rice sauteed in garlic, mixed vegetable, salt and egg
Steamed rice sauteed in garlic, shrimp and egg
Steamed rice sauteed in garlic, chicken and egg
Steamed rice, egg, chicken, shrimp and vegetables


Grilled eggplant, onion and tomato seasoned with choice of anchovy or fish sauce.
Seasoned radish with salt and vinegar.
Cucumber with onion and tomato drizzled with homemade vinegar and crushed pepper.
Mixture of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato and carrot served with French dressing or thousand island.
Diced cucumber, tomato, onion, olives, pepper and feta cheese dressed with virgin olive oil.
Tuna flakes with cucumber, pepper and lettuce tossed with vinaigrette.
Iceberg lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons with Caesar dressing served with the choice of grilled chicken breast or grilled shrimps.
Green papaya, carrot, kanya beans, cherry tomato, dried shrimp and crushed peanut in fish sauce & tamarind salsa.
Grilled beef tenderloin with cucumber, red onion, mint leaves, crushed roasted peanut and chili-lime vinaigrette


Steamed tilapia stuffed with vegetables and wrapped in banana leaves.
Grilled seasoned tilapia
Grilled Milk fish stuffed with vegetables and wrapped in banana leaves.
Stuffed Milkfish with fish meat and vegetables.
Grilled squid stuffed with vegetables
Grilled Prawns served with pickled papaya.
Grilled seasoned tuna.
Sauteed tilapia in onion and tomato.
Simmered in coconut milk with ginger and chili.
Marinated in salt and pepper.
Fried milkfish marinated in garlic, salt and vinegar.
Stir fried shrimps in butter.
Sauteed squid in garlic, soy sauce and vinegar.
A choice of grilled or fried seafood with condiments and choice of French fries or grilled veggies and salad.
Sauteed Squid, prawns and fish fillet with lemon grass, hot basil, green pepper corn, Thai ginger and chili.
Broccoli, button mushroom, carrot. baby corn and baby eggplant simmered in fresh coconut with the choice of chicken or prawns.
Fried whole hammour with sweet and sour sauce.


Grilled beef cubes seasoned with soy sauce, lemon, spices and mayonnaise.
Beef meat marinated in lemon, soy sauce and spices
Beef strips marinated in soy sauce, pepper, garlic and vinegar
Squid sauteed in garlic and onion and seasoned with soy sauce.
Chicken simmered in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and onion

Snacks & Street Food - Panlasang Pinoy

Sticky rice porridge with beef tripe and boiled egg topped with fried garlic
Sticky rice porridge with chicken and boiled egg topped with fried garlic


Simmered beef shanks, sauteed with vegetable, topped with spring onion and fried garlic.
Boiled beef ribs in tamarind. Sauteed with vegetable and seasoned with fish sauce.
Beef ribs and vegetable boiled in beef seasoned with fish sauce.
Sauteed chicken in garlic, onion, ginger and vegetables seasoned with fish sauce.
Beef innards (beef towel, liver, intestine) sauteed in garlic, onion, ginger and boiled in bitter soup.
Milk fish boiled in tamarind and vegetables seasoned with fish sauce.
Grouper boiled in tamarind and vegetables seasoned with fish sauce.
Sauteed chicken strips and liver, simmered in chicken broth with vermicelli and vegetables.
Prawns boiled in tamarind and vegetables seasoned with fish sauce.
Mixed seafood boiled in ginger,onion and tomato topped with spring onion.
Prawns, galangal, red chilli, lime leaf, lemon grass, lemon juice & coconut milk.
Ginger, black fungus, tofu, shrimps, squid and carrot.
Chicken with sweetcorn, chopped carrot and celery with egg


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